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A New Way To Sell Your Property At Top Price, Effortlessly!

With No Low-Ball-Investor Offers…

Dear homeowner, 

If you’re reading this right now, it’s probably because you’ve already been presented with our brand new “Equity Protection Program”. 

Here’s the recap of it: 

  1. You pay for no extra costs — We agree and sign to a net price. This is the NET amount you’ll receive (before debt and liens). No commissions or closing costs are in that (we pay for all that).
  2. You do none of the work — We’ll do ALL the heavy lifting of selling the property: marketing it to our network and on the MLS, showings, dealing with appraisals, inspections, and contractors
  3. Never be bothered by agents or buyers — While we’re handling the concessions, the inspections, and the “back-and-forth” with buyers and agents… you’ll never be bothered by us or any buyers.
  4. You get your promised NET amount — After we facilitate the sale, and pay for all the marketing costs, the closing costs, and any other fees associated with selling… you get 100% of the original price we agreed on!
  5. BONUS: Never pay for post-sale repairs — Sometimes buyers might want some work done on the house. We’ll handle those for you at our expense.

It’s literally the easiest way to get your best price AND stay completely “out of the weeds” from selling a property. 

So by this point… 

You’ve been selected and offered this Equity Protection Program… 

All we ask is for you to be flexible with time of sale (since we’ll be facilitating the sale and finding the right buyer for you)… and allow us reasonable access (if you need us to coordinate with tenants on your behalf we’re more than happy to). 

But still… 

You might be asking:

What happens if you don’t find a buyer?

Well first off, just like when listing it with an agent, the price is unfortunately not guaranteed. 

If you need a guarantee of sale… we can talk about those other options. We have those options for you, just reply back to this email. 

However, there are big differences between listing it with an agent and using our Equity Protection Program…

How’s this different from a listing with an agent? 

  1. We have a larger network of buyers than agents so it means with us you have a much better chance of getting your house sold and done with.
  2. They’ll still nag you to clean things up, or get repairs done (With us, you don’t to do anything except sign the agreement)
  3. With an agent, you don’t know how much your NET will be after they deduct closing costs and commission (with us the NET we agree is what you’ll get paid (not including any debt), so we pay for all other costs above your net promised).
  4. Agents will only be looking for “as-is” buyers who will low ball (with us, we have networks of retail buyers, and hedge funds that are happy to pay full retail… and we market the property much better than typical agents).
  5. With agents you still have to deal with appraisers and inspectors contacting you (with us, we’re happy to take on all that for you).

How is this different from your cash offer?

  1. The cash offer is much lower in price than what you get with the Equity Protection Program… Because our cash offer is guaranteed and we can close very fast, it only works this way if it’s a discounted cash offer… with the Equity Protection Program it’s a much higher price in your pocket.
  2. Our cash offer typically closes in 30 days… the Equity Protection Program needs a few more weeks.
  3. Our cash offer needs less access (we just need a couple of visits to verify repair costs)… The Equity Protection Program needs more access to the property.
  4. With our cash offer, we’ll close with our own funding or from our partners… The Equity Protection Program reaches out to a network of buyers, negotiates, and sells your property to them on your behalf without any hassle or costs to you.

Cons of the Equity Protection Program:

  1. It’s not suited for those that need to sell in less than a month — takes longer than a cash offer
  2. It’s not suited for properties that need major repairs or have non-paying tenants — these are harder to sell to buyers without being low balled; however you’ll find that our cash offer doesn’t care how many repairs or what type of tenants you have. 

Benefits of the Equity Protection Program:

  1. You get a much higher cash offer than normal
  2. No commission attached
  3. Less hassle than a traditional listing (We don’t demand anything from you, and we do all the heavy lifting)
  1. No closing costs 

So then why consider the Equity Protection Program? 

Because if you desire the BEST price with the convenience of a NO HASSLE sale… 

… Then this might be your best. 

If you’ve been selected and presented with this Equity Protection Program from us, and you’d like to continue with it…

Then call us today to start the selling process!